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Stairwell Covers Keep Sites Safe

Accidents on site are a concern for many site managers and falls from height can result in serious life threatening injuries. Sites using stairwell covers to protect open stairwells can reduce the risk of injury to site workers.

Many site safety managers when considering risks on site and site safety want to prevent serious injuries caused by falls from height on site. Open stairwells under construction can present a danger to site operatives, with a risk of serious injury resulting from a fall from an open unprotected stairwell.

Stairwell covers protect open unguarded stairwells and prevent injuries to site operatives due to them falling through an unprotected stairwell.

For sites under construction, open or unprotected stairwells can be protected quickly and easily with stairwell covers to protect the stairwell opening and prevent serious injury to site operatives. When buildings are under construction, the staircases and stairs may not be installed until the outside shell of the building has been completed with site operatives working around an open unprotected stairwell.

Contact for information about site stairwell covers and prevent accidents on site from operatives falling through open and unprotected stairwells.

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